CE Marking

Nemko can help you solve the process of CE marking (including identifying notified body is required or not).

Nemko having rich experience in European market access can do the necessary work for you to complete the required declaration and CE marking. We can do the necessary product testing and help you to prepare the technical file as per scheme requirements. For directives where a Notified Body is required to be involved, like for medical equipment, etc., Nemko can help you to get the required CE certification. By affixing the CE marking, the manufacturer / its representative/importer assures that the Product meets all the essential requirements of all applicable EU directives. Examples of European Directives requiring CE marking include toys, medical devices, machinery, low voltage equipment, Radio & Telecom equipment, etc. For most products, the CE marking is essentially based on the manufacturer’s own declaration of conformity with the relevant directives (without the involvement of notified body).

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If the CE marking cannot be affixed to the product itself, you can affix it to the packaging if there is any, or to any accompanying documents. If your product is subject to several EU directives/regulations which require a Ce certification to be affixed, the accompanying documents must indicate that your product conforms to all applicable EU directives/regulations.

For more information about how Nemko can help your organization with CE certification as well as a required declaration (involvement of notified body or not), contact us or mail us at india@nemko.com / anshuman.dash@nemko.com or give us a call at +91-9205690574. 

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