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Nemko India is the Asia’s first proficiency testing (PT)  provider in Electrical and electronics safety tests and measurements. 

Proficiency Testing is one of the important tools to determine the technical competence of the laboratory. Satisfactory participation in National / International Proficiency Testing programs enhances the confidence in the technical competency of the laboratory. 

Previously, electrical and electronics testing Labs were either initiating or participating in ILC programs initiated by other laboratories since there was no Proficiency Testing provider available in India or Asia.  Now, being an accredited Proficiency Testing provider, we can offer you these services for Proficiency Testing.

We are now accredited for simultaneous and sequential Proficiency Testing scheme in Testing (Electrical and Electronics) discipline from NABL India as per ISO/IEC 17043:2010.

Why Proficiency Testing required?  

  • Mandatory requirement as per ISO/IEC 17025:2017.
  • The benefits of Proficiency Testing are widely recognized. These include:
  1. Comparison of a facility’s performance with that of the other participating (peer) facilities.
  2. Monitoring of a long-term facility performance.
  3. Improvement in the performance of tests/calibrations following investigation and identification of the cause(s) for unsatisfactory Proficiency Testing performance, and the introduction of corrective action to prevent re-occurrence.
  4. Staff education, training, and competence monitoring.
  5. Evaluation of methods, including the establishment of method precision and accuracy.
  6. Contribution to the facility’s overall risk management system.
  7. Confidence building with interested parties, e.g. customers, accreditation bodies, regulators.

Why choose Nemko as Proficiency Testing provider?

  • Accredited by NABL through certificate no. PC-1048 with date of issue 27.11.2020 which is valid till 26.11.2022.
  • Asia’s first and only Proficiency Testing provider in this field.
  • We have introduce cost effective, simple, and efficient PT programs.
  • At Nemko, our values are clear, we:
    • Are passionate about providing a great customer experience
    • Believe in continuous learning and competence development
    • Care for our customers, colleagues and the environment
    • Demonstrate our integrity in everything we do

Frequency for Proficiency Testing programs:

Varies!! on average 11 to 12 programs per year.

Proficiency Testing Sample(s): Samples may be directly purchased from market as single production batches of commercially available products or custom made. Examples: Plastic plaques, power supplies, printed circuit boards, black box arrangements etc.

Tests under our scope of Accreditation:

  1. Resistance to heat (Ball Pressure Test) – Lamp, luminaire and accessories, IT equipment
  2. Creepage and clearance– Lamp, luminaire, and accessories, Domestic electronic appliances, IT/audio equipment
  3. Direct plug-in Equipment– Lamp, luminaire, and accessories,  IT/audio equipment
  4. Working Voltage–Domestic electronic appliances, IT/audio equipment
  5. Glow Wire and Needle Flame Test– Lamp, luminaire, and accessories, IT/audio equipment
  6. Provision of earthing measurement– Audio equipment
  7. Limited current circuits– IT equipment
  8. Limited Energy circuit– Domestic electronic appliances
  9. Limited power sources– IT equipment
  10. Power Input Test–Domestic electronic appliances, IT/audio equipment
  11. Heating Test–– Lamp, luminaire, and accessories, Domestic electronic appliances, IT/audio equipment
  12. Touch current (Leakage current) Test – Lamp, luminaire, and accessories, Domestic electronic appliances, IT/audio equipment
  13. Withdrawl from mains plug– Audio equipment
  14. Energy hazards– IT equipment
  15. Cap Temperature Rise – Lamp, luminaire, and accessories
  16. Discharge of Capacitors in Equipment – Lamp, luminaire and accessories, IT/audio equipment
  17. Resistance of Earthing Conductors and their Terminations– Lamp, luminaire and accessories, IT/audio equipment
  18. Resistance to tracking– Lamp, luminaire and accessories, IT/Audio equipment

PT calender for year 2021

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