Cyber Security Guidance and Consultancy Services

Navigating today's dynamic and ever-changing cyber threat landscape is a challenge, even for the most technically knowledgeable organizations. New cyber threats emerge every day, and few organizations have the requisite expertise or resources to assess the potential risk of each threat and take the steps necessary to secure their products and systems. 

At Nemko, our team of cyber security professionals have worked with hundreds of organizations around the world to mitigate all forms of cyber threats successfully. Our experience has provided us with a thorough understanding of the risks faced by organizations, as well as in-depth expertise on best practices that can be deployed to reduce those risks. Working with Nemko can provide your organization with robust cyber security solutions and peace of mind.   


How Nemko Can Help

In addition to the formal testing and certification of products in accordance with internationally accepted cyber security standards, Nemko offers a comprehensive array of guidance and consultancy cyber security services. These services include:

  • Assistance in formulating an organization-wide cyber strategy and operational plan
  • Expert consultation in the design and development of secure products
  • Counsel on the requirements of various national markets to support global market access
  • Training on cyber security risks and effective strategies for mitigating those risks


These and other services can be customized to meet the unique requirements of your organization. Further, working with Nemko can help you achieve the following goals:

  • Develop and implement a robust cyber security strategy in your organization
  • Minimize the risk of cyber threats to your products and service offerings
  • Increase the resilience of your organization in addressing future cyber threats
  • Strengthen your reputation with stakeholders, including employees, suppliers and customers


The Benefits of Working with Nemko

Partnering with Nemko can provide your organization with several important advantages in your efforts to address the challenges of today's cyber security landscape. These benefits include:

  • Recognized Cyber Security Expertise—Acquired by Nemko in 2020, Systemsikkerhet is Norway's oldest information security consultancy and is one of just four information security testing laboratories certified by the Norwegian National Security Authority. 
  • Active Involvement in Standards Development and Implementation—Nemko technical professionals are active participants in efforts to develop state-of-the-art cyber security standards and protocols and are knowledgeable about new and emerging requirements that can help to improve security. 
  • Single Source Solution—With its combined expertise in cyber security, product safety, Radio/Telecom and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), Nemko represents a robust single source for manufacturers seeking comprehensive testing and certification services for their IT systems and devices. 

Global Support—With nearly 30 locations on six continents around the world, Nemko is well-positioned to support your efforts to achieve global market access for your products, regardless of your location or target market.   

For more information about how Nemko can help your organization meet current and emerging cyber security challenges, contact us