Increase safety and reduce risk with our product testing services

As a supplier of world class products, you need to partner up with a world class supplier of testing services. Let our internationally accredited organisation of experts and labs make sure that risk and safety are well taken care of.

Why test at Nemko?

Nemko reduces your time to market through high-quality service and the highest international recognition. Our reputable testing services ensure that your products comply with standards and safety requirements in the industries and markets relevant to your business. Overall this will be very beneficial, ensuring your way to the market and, ultimately, to your results.

What do you get?

At Nemko you work with dedicated experts with industry expertise and experience. In order to be close to your R&D and production facilities, our modern labs are located all around the world.

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More information on Nemko’s range of tests and related services:

Test planning always takes place before the testing starts and will consist of preparation and planning of the testing schedule. This will ensure your testing project is performed in the best possible manner.

Project management is an important tool for keeping a project on track at all times so as to secure a fast and efficient product delivery to the market.

Nemko offers a wide range of services within safety testing. With testing locations in Europe, Asia, and North America we are ready to start testing close to you. Below you can find a list over some highlighted services.

Our customers benefit from fast and efficient test and compliance services. You may select from any of our laboratories world-wide. Experience modern and flexible testing facilities with large capacity and qualified EMC engineers.

Nemko offers comprehensive services suited to cover your specific needs in the telecom business.

When launching a new product, you need to comply with international approvals and industrial driven requirements. Nemko offers comprehensive services suited to cover your specific needs. We have a tailor-made industrial approach coupled with a solid project management model, serviced by encompassing and devoted people around the Nemko globe.

Nemko can offer accredited testing for a wide range of maritime equipment according to the following areas.

  • Marine Equipment Directive – Certification and testing, Module B and D
  • Testing according to Class Societies requirements – EN/IEC 60945, IACS E10
  • FCC and USCG parts
  • EX-equipment
  • CE-mark
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems (EN 54-x)

Ensure your product stays long in the market by revealing potential weakness early.

Can your product withstand exposure from its intended environment? Test your product at the Nemko laboratory for mechanical stress and climatic conditions.

Nemko provide services within testing and certification of Ex-equipment as a Notified Body via our partner Presafe. Our services range from design review in the early stages of product development to international approval.

Nemko can offer acoustic testing for hearing aid equipment as well as acoustic noise testing for a wide range of product categories.

Nemko is an accredited laboratory for Ergonomics & Usability testing according to ISO relevant criterion. Nemko is also approved for doing the verification of the usability and ergonomics requested for the labelling approval.

Nemko offers the highest level of calibration service in order to meet any customers’ need for instruments quality control.

In Europa müssen alle Audio-/Video-, IT- und Kommunikationsprodukte bis zum 20. Dezember 2020 die Einhaltung gemäß EN 62368-1 nachweisen.

Angesichts des beträchtlichen Marktes für IT/AV-Produkte wird es für die meisten Hersteller von entscheidender Bedeutung sein, einen Übergangsplan für den neuen risikobasierten Standard zu haben, sowohl für Europa als auch weltweit.