International approval for electrical and electronic products

Get worldwide market access for your electrical products through “Nemko Direct”.

How Nemko Direct works:

Nemko Direct conquers barriers and give you regulatory access to the countries you want in the shortest possible time.

You let Nemko Direct undertake the burden of submitting application, necessary documentation, to follow-up, and communicate with foreign approval agencies.

Simplify mandatory certification

A large number of countries still have mandatory certification for electrical equipment and telecom/radio appliances. Nemko has special arrangements with approval bodies and authorities involved in most of the countries concerned (excluding India).

Through our unique combination of local presence, international networks and bi-lateral agreements Nemko Direct has obtained more than twenty thousand certificates during the last fifteen years.
The Nemko Direct service currently covers most East European countries, Asia, including China and Korea, South- and North America plus countries in the Middle East and Africa.

Why Nemko Direct?

The benefits for you using Nemko Direct are substantial:

  • Faster market access for your product
  • Flexible and non-bureaucratic service
  • One-stop-shopping service
  • “leave your burdens to Nemko”
  • Minimizes time and cost
  • Avoid sending samples for retesting
  • Minimize the number of factory inspections
  • A professional service from skilled people with first hand knowledge about certification and import requirements, fees and legislation in each country