Nemko Direct for Energy Efficiency

Nemko Direct for Energy Efficiency services provides you with market access in countries with energy efficiency regulations.

As a growing number of countries apply their own regulations to new products and components, the compliance process gets more complex. How do you know your products comply before entering a new market?
Nemko knows.

Markets affected by energy efficiency regulations:

Through our subsidiaries and a network of local partners, Nemko has profound and updated knowledge of relevant rules and regulations. With Nemko Direct for Energy Efficiency, we take care of all the practical details of the compliance process:

Through our service, we can help you comply with / obtain the following:
Europe: ErP Directive, Energy Labeling Directive, Eco Label,TCO Development, Nordic Swan and more
Asia: Korean Energy Label, China Energy Label, Vietnam Energy Marking, Singapore Green Label, HK EELS and more
America: Energy Star, CEC, NRCAN, Mexican Energy Labeling and DOE (Department of Energy)
Oceania: Australian E3 Program, New Zealand Energy Rating Program
MENA: Saudi Arabia Energy Program