The following is an overview of key information related to market access for Japan.

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100V (Single phase); 200V (Three phase)
126 mill (2018)
  • Certificate of Acceptance
  • Third party test reports are required to obtain the mandatory certification mark in Japan.
  • Emission only. For voluntary VCCI mark (ITE), in-country testing is not required if EMC Conformity Verification Report from VCCI registered lab is used.

Wireless / Telecom

Radio equipment must be type approved by a certification body accredited and approved by the Ministry of Communications. Testing can be performed by Nemko. Telecommunication Terminal Equipment must receive type approval from Japan Approvals Institute for Telecommunications (JATE). Testing can be performed by Nemko.


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  • In-Country representation


The products which require mandatory certification(Diamond PSE mark) are given in the Category A list of equipment issued by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry(METI) which contains 116 items. The products covered are mainly installation material and heating appliances.
Products given in METI’s Category B list are subjected to use of the Circle PSE mark. Right of use of the Circle PSE mark is obtained by self declaration and technical documentation. The list consists of 340 products which are mostly for domestic use.

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