IT & audio video

Testing and certification of IT equipment is a major part of Nemko’s core business. As a leading provider of CB certificates for many years, we have built up extensive competence in this field.

With representation in technical committees for IT we also have high influence in the questions about standardization and are able to find solutions for you.

Together with our partners throughout the world we are able to give you market access based on our CB.

The new IEC 62368-1, new hazard based standard combined for IT and AV products is now finalized. Nemko are ready to guide you through the process to get your products certified according this standard.

Standards covered

Testing services:

  • EMC
  • Performance
  • Environmental and energy efficiency
  • In addition to testing at our modern in-house facilities, we also perform on-site testing at the manufacturers premises.

Relevant certification schemes:

CB- Scheme, Nordic Certification Service (EMKO), ENEC, Nemko, GS – mark

Nemko, a leading provider of CB’s for IT equipment