Installation materials

Installation products are critical products anywhere in the world. To make sure these fulfil the requirements and are certified where this is required, Nemko are ready to help you.

With well-equipped labs we have both the knowledge and equipment to help you reach your marked for installation materials and components.

Typical products

  • Switches
  • Automatic control switches
  • Regulators
  • Plugs and socket outlets


Below is an outline of some product categories and standards where Nemko offers testing and certification services:

Switches for household and similar purposes

IEC/EN 60669

Switches for appliances, mechanical or electronic

IEC/EN 61058

Plugs, socket outlets and connectors

NEK-IEC 60884-1:2002 and NEK 502:2016
IEC/EN 60320,
IEC/EN 60799,

Conduits systems for cable management

IEC/EN 61386

Connecting devices and power distribution systems

IEC/EN 60998,
IEC/EN 60439-2,
IEC/EN 60947-7-1 / 7-2

Automatic electrical controls, regulators etc.

IEC/EN 60730

Boxes and enclosures

IEC/EN 60670