European Energy related Products directive - ErP

Save energy is the most powerful action to combat global warming.

This seems to be the only statement we all can agree to within environmental protection.

Nemko test and certify energy consumption and document your products ecological profile to help you comply with the directive.

The ErP directive is part of CE-marking for the products covered.

Nemko can help you with following:

  • Testing for related product
  • Attestation of Conformity with the directive
  • Consulting for legislation
  • Eco-design verification

Products covered as of Q1 2014:

  1. Simple Set-Top Boxes
  2. Boilers and combi-boilers
  3. Water heaters
  4. PCs (Desktops and Laptops) and monitors
  5. Consumer Electronics: TV
  6. Standby and off-mode losses
  7. Battery chargers and external power supplies
  8. Office lighting
  9. Street lighting
  10. Room air conditioning
  11. Comfort Fans
  12. Electric motors
  13. Circulators
  14. Fans
  15. Water pumps
  16. Domestic refrigerators and freezers
  17. Domestic dishwashers
  18. Domestic washing machines
  19. Household tumble driers
  20. Vacuum cleaner
  21. Domestic lighting part I “non-directional lamps“
  22. Domestic lighting part II “directional lamps”
  23. Domestic and commercial ovens
  24. Domestic and commercial hobs and grills
  25. Non-tertiary coffee machines
  26. Networked standby losses of energy using products

Several of these categories are so-called horizontal requirements meaning they cover a lot of different products.

Example on this is the standby regulation which cover almost all products for household and office use.

It is the first directive to cover a product’s total life cycle, often called ‘from cradle to grave. The different product regulation can include requirements for the following product stages:

  • Raw Material Acquisition
  • Manufacturing
  • Transport and Trade
  • Use/ Maintenance
  • Reuse/ Recycling/ End of Life Treatment

The European directive for energy related products 2009/125/EC are expended with tree to five new product categories per year and are now projected  to save 16% of EU’s electricity consumption by 2020.

Contact Nemko for what this means for your product.