Korea Energy Certification

Korea operates three major Energy Efficiency Programs for an effort to improve energy efficiency in appliances and equipment.

  1. e-Standby Program (Mandatory)
  2. High-efficiency Appliance Certification Program (Mandatory)
  3. Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program (Voluntary)

Nemko Korea provides Korea Energy Certification to our clients for easier energy certification market access to Korea.

Nemko Korea had acquired KEMCO designated testing Lab. for e-Stand by program since March 2009.

We can provide test report and registration service for e-Standby program via KEMCO website http://www.kemco.or.kr 

Nemko Korea can also serve Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program, High-efficiency Appliance Certification program with Nemko MoU partner Lab.(KTL,KTC) which they are designated testing institute from KEMCO for these programs.