RoHS audit services - The solution for RoHS for the electronic industry

What is RoHS

RoHS is short for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”. The RoHS legislation covers only electrical and electronic products. The scope of products covered are different from country to country. In Europe, it covers all electronic and electrical products that will go into normal recycling of electrical and electronic products. Exemptions include military and aerospace equipment and very large installations.

What are the substances

The substances are restricted on a “homogenous material level” and with a weight percentage as shown above.
Homogenous material means one material of uniform composition throughout, or a material consisting of a combination of materials, that cannot be disjointed or separated into different materials by mechanical actions such as unscrewing, cutting, crushing, grinding and abrasive processes.

Which countries have currently implemented RoHS regulations

How to comply for manufacturers
There are two routes to compliance:

  1. Physical material testing
    • Test and measure all homogenous materials in your product with laser scanning and wet analysis
  2. Use a QA system to control your suppliers
    • Control of suppliers from design through purchasing, production and the entire serial production

Nemko provides the following services

  • Audit report for QA system
  • Nemko RoHS certificate for products covered by the QA system
  • Factory RoHS certificate for the relevant standard used
  • Certification or registration for RoHS in China, Taiwan, Russia, EAEU, UAE, Ukrain