Environmental services

The environmental challenge has led to a rapidly changing environmental legislation. Nemko has through our network updated knowledge on certification requirements and legislations in most parts of the world. You need this knowledge to stay in business.

We have seen that technological development to combat climate change has already led to a lot of forced product changes like:

Incandescent lighting phased out,
Analog transformers phased out,
One unified plug on external power supplies for phone chargers,
Least energy efficient products gradually phased out,
Rapid increase in phasing out of toxic chemicals
Increase in recycling and recovery rates for products to combat electro- waste,
and the list goes on

Large manufacturers selling world-wide have realized that they need a partner to manoeuvre in this legislative maze and to keep updated in their product design. Many choose Nemko for testing, certification and legislative knowledge.

See below for some of our services.

Consumers and traders around the world are becoming infinitely more and more conscious and conscientious in their purchasing of electrical goods. The green mark from Nemko will be a help in their search for environmental friendly products. In a market place covered with green statements and marks, the Nemko Green Mark will demonstrate products where environmental and sustainability compatibility is verified by an independent third party.

Energy labelling is used in legislation in Europe for electrical products where marketing studies show that consumers pay attention to energy use of the product.
Examples are white goods, televisions.

What is RoHS

RoHS is short for “Restriction of Hazardous Substances”. The RoHS legislation covers only electrical and electronic products. The scope of products covered are different from country to...

IECEE CB statement of test results for RoHS is called Hazardous Substance Testing Service, in short HSTS.

REACH, the European Community regulation on the Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemical Substances, is the most complex EU environmental regulations. Covers more than hundred thousand  chemical substances.

Nemko assist manufacturers of Electrical and Electronic Equipment-EEE to control only those chemicals relevant.

Nemko assist manufacturers comply  with the GS requirements and coming EU regulation concerning PAH.

PAH (Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons) are chemical compounds found in oil and coal. In products they can be found in rubber, plastics or their compounds.

Save energy is the most powerful action to combat global warming.

This seems to be the only statement we all can agree to within environmental protection.

Nemko test and certify energy consumption and document your products ecological profile to help you comply with the directive.

Nemko is an approved laboratory for TCO Development for testing visual ergonomics, emission and energy saving according to all TCO Certified criteria. Nemko is also approved for doing the verification of the ecology documents requested for the labeling approval.

Nemko Canada can certify electrical products to Canadian Energy efficiency requirements. Read on for more information.

Nemko Canada can evaluate your electrical products to US federal and state requirements. Read on for more information.

Korea operates three major Energy Efficiency Programs for an effort to improve energy efficiency in appliances and equipment.

  1. e-Standby Program (Mandatory)
  2. High-efficiency Appliance Certification Program (Mandatory)
  3. Energy Efficiency Label and Standard Program (Voluntary)

Nemko Canada can provide third party certification services for ENERGY STAR. Read on for more information.