Factory inspection

Nemko has good solutions for factory inspections.

Factory inspection - a mandatory requirement

All certification mark programs require factory inspection. The reason is simple; to ensure that all products manufactured are identical to the one that was tested and certified. Control of production is also a requirement in the European Low Voltage Directive (LVD)-

Nemko factory inspection gives you added value

How can a factory inspection add more value?

In Nemko we believe that the inspection is not just a mandatory exercise, but also a tool to improve the safety and quality of the products. Our trained inspectors have many years of experience and can help your production facility to avoid what the inspector has learned are common sources of discrepancies

One inspection to cover many

One of the big advantages of the Nemko factory inspections is that they may cover several certificates from several certification bodies.  This is why manufacturers request factory inspections from Nemko even without certificates from Nemko.

Through our Nemko Direct service, Nemko’s program for international approval, you can in a simple way obtain a number of national certificates.

As all of these national certifications require factory inspection manufacturers find it beneficial to ask Nemko to carry out these factory inspections.

This is a great advantage for the manufacturer who does not need individual inspections from each certification body.