Product certification

Nemko offers certification marks covering your product for numerous multi-national and national certification schemes.

If you have launched or are planning to launch electronic products, Nemko is your obvious product certification partner. Each market and each industry have specific requirements and preferences. Nemko has decades of experience and is among the most well known brands within International certification for various products.  

To demonstrate that your product has a third-party certification and that it has been tested to a recognized standard, choose the geographical area to read more.

In Europe the certification is as important today, as before the CE marking was introduced!

Nemko has the certification services you need for North America market access.

Nemko certification services cover your market access need for Asia.

Nemko will grant your product international acceptance through International CB certification scheme.

Nemko Canada has recognitions to certify Telecom and wireless equipment for Canada, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong and offer Notified Body services for Europe. Read further to see how.

Online certificate search service

The G-mark certification mark is mandatory in the Gulf States for some common household products.  The countries, currently part of the scheme, include Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Yemen and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).