The GS certification mark provides you market access to Europe`s biggest market

Use the GS mark to secure a trusted and efficient market access to Germany, the biggest market in Europe.

The GS certification mark (GS= Geprüfte Sicherheit/Approved Safety) is applicable for a wide range of products, including electrical equipment. 

The GS mark is voluntary but widely recognized as a safety mark within Germany and in German-speaking countries.  A GS certification involves a third party to verify compliance with safety requirements in Europe.

Nemko is a recognized GS testing and certification body, including approved test facilities around the globe.

What is GS?

  • Confirmation that a product is safe
  • Includes electrical Safety as well as ergonomics
  • Compliance with requirements for toxic substances
  • Including Factory surveillance
  • Confirm compliance with ProdSG
  • Certification may be issued up to 5 years


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