Nordic certification service (EMKO)

The easy way to all Nordic certification marks.

Choosing the Nordic certification service is the best option when you want an easy way to obtain all Nordic certification marks.

The Nordic Certification includes:

  • Demko (UL Int.) as the national certification body in Denmark
  • Fimko (SGS) as the national certification body in Finland
  • Nemko as the national certification body in Norway
  • Semko (Intertek ) as the national certification body in Sweden

How does it work?

When you apply for Nemko certification you simply inform Nemko that you would like to obtain also the S, D and FI certification marks.

Nemko will handle all works towards the other Nordic certification bodies, who will send their certificates directly to you, or whom you decide.

You can also choose to have only one or two of the certification marks, or merely to receive the Nemko and Nordic certificate for you to use at a later time.

Well known

Due to the well known tradition for safety awareness in the Nordic countries, these marks on a product carry a strong message of safety.

One single application

The Nordic certification service is a long-standing agreement between the EMKO bodies and implies that the four marks (D)(FI)(N)(S) may be obtained by one single application and submittal.