Nemko can help you with the complete maritime certification process within the areas of Fire protection, Navigation and Radiocommunication equipment of the always last amended Marine Equipment Directive 96/98/EC (MED).

MED ensures a uniform implementation of international instruments, i.e. regulations, resolutions and circulars, for compliance with international conventions (i.e. Load Line, COLREGs, MARPOL and SOLAS), in order to ensure maximum degree of reliability and safety at sea, to prevent maritime causalities and pollution, and to ensure free movement of equipment within the EEA (i.e. EU/EFTA).

Marine Equipment Directive

The Wheel Mark (Mark of Conformity) is the European regulatory marking of all marine equipment, as defined in the Marine Equipment Directive, 96/98/EC.

Nemko can offer complete services within the areas of:

  • A.1/3  Fire protection equipment
  • A.1/4 Navigation equipment
  • A.1/5 Radiocommunication equipment

This certification process will normally include:   

  • Product testing
  • Certification
  • Quality audit at production sites