Field evaluation services

As a Nationally Recognized Test Laboratory (NRTL), Nemko offers Field Evaluation and Special Inspection Services in the US and Canada as a fast and economical alternative to traditional product safety certification.

In any of the below cases, Nemko’s Field Evaluation and Special Inspection Engineers will provide the service you need at your location.
• If your equipment is already shipped or installed at a US or Canadian site.
• If your equipment is produced in limited quantities and/or is custom-built.
• If a Canadian “batch approval” is needed for a limited number of products.
• If timing is essential.
• If you are introducing a prototype into the market and may be unable to continue production.
• If you need to obtain a recognized approval for your industrial product and you are looking for aneconomical solution.

Field evaluation mode of operation in the North American markets 

In the US:
Our IAS accredited Field Service Engineers will arrive at the site of installation to evaluate your equipment, and if it meets safety requirements, the engineer will apply the Nemko Field Evaluation Label to prove it.

In Canada:
Our SCC accredited Special Inspection Engineers will evaluate the equipment at the site of installation or at the manufacturing location, and if it meets safety requirements they will apply a Special Inspection Label as proof.

In both markets:
If our Field Evaluation or Special Inspection Engineers find that the equipment does not meet the requirements, Nemko will provide you with a detailed findings report and give you the support needed tobring the equipment into compliance.

In addition to the US and Canada, Nemko Field Services are also available throughout Europe and Asia.

Product scope

Our service engineers specialize in a number of products, including but not limited to:

• Power distribution equipment
• Solar installations and retrofits
• Industrial control/utilization equipment
• Factory utilization/automation equipment
• Commercial utilization equipment and appliances
• Lighting fixtures (luminaires) and signs
• ITE, medical, dental, and laboratory equipment

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