Telecommunications and wireless equipment certification with Nemko Canada

Nemko Canada has recognitions to certify Telecom and wireless equipment for Canada, USA, Taiwan and Hong Kong and offer Notified Body services for Europe. Read further to see how.

By using Nemko you will be working with a knowledgeable, customer focussed certification body that prides itself on delivering quality and impartial certifications with customer service as a core principle.

Regulations for telecom and wireless equipment

Regulations exist for many telecom and wireless products.  These regulations often require formal certification for the equipment prior to sale.

Economies with regulations

Economies such as the USA, Canada, Taiwan, Hong Kong and the European Union have all enacted regulations.  All these economies have recognised Nemko Canada to offer conformity assessment services.

TCB Certification process

Certification is based on review of test results, technical design documentation and administrative attestations.  Guidelines for preparation of these applications and on how to work with Nemko TCB can be downloaded from the links below.

The TCB will:

  • Review applications and provide prompt feedback
  • Explain the rules and regulations
  • Issue the certifications for compliant product
  • Register certifications with the regulatory authorities