Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)

Our customers benefit from fast and efficient test and compliance services. You may select from any of our laboratories world-wide. Experience modern and flexible testing facilities with large capacity and qualified EMC engineers.

World-wide services

Nemko provides comprehensive global EMC testing and certification services within regulatory requirements for a wide range of product categories.

Nemko is a major international player in EMC testing, based on our own EMC test sites in Europe, the Far East and North America. All our sites are equipped for a wide range of tests. You can select from a variety of shielded enclosures, anechoic chambers, and open area test sites, all equipped for testing a wide range of products.

Our associated EMC laboratories

You may also benefit from a series of local EMC laboratories around the world. Nemko has qualified more than sixty EMC laboratories around the world, to become Nemko approved testing facilities under our ELA Program. Through own laboratories and associated ELA laboratories we provide easy access to any market worldwide.

  • Testing By Manufacturer (TBM) Scheme
  • EMC Laboratory Authorization (ELA) Scheme

Quality assurance

All laboratory services carry international accreditations. Most facilities carry one or more national approvals from:

  • FCC approval/listing (USA)
  • Industry Canada approval/listing (Canada),
  • GOST (Russia)
  • BSMI (Taiwan)
  • CCIBLAC (China)
  • VCCI (Japan)
  • RRL (Korea)
  • ACA (Australia)

Why choose Nemko for EMC testing?

  • Fast and efficient T&C services with guaranteed short delivery times.
  • Modern and flexible testing facilities with large capacity.
  • Nemko test reports provide well-known readability and easy access to any marketplace.
  • Nemko keeps up to date on changes and developments in international standardization like CENELEC and IEC/CISPR.

Nemko EMC Laboratory locations

  • USA – San Diego
  • Canada – Ottawa
  • Korea- Seoul
  • Italy – Milano
  • Germany - Pfinztal
  • Norway – Oslo

Fields of operation

  • Commercial electronics and appliances
  • Radio/telecom equipment
  • Electro-medical equipment
  • Maritime equipment
  • Subsea equipment
  • Offshore systems
  • Industrial applications
  • Military equipment
  • Automotive electronics
  • Fire & Security equipment

Seven tips for successful EMC testing

  1. Define the intended use & use environment of your device
  2. Identify your target markets
  3. Integrate testing early in the development process
  4. Clarify the modes of operation & performance criteria
  5. Be present when formal testing begins
  6. Prepare for testing failures
  7. Promptly address non compliance & other issues 

Nemko offers EMC emission measurements in flexible and efficient testing facilities.

Nemko provides extensive EMC immunity testing services to national and international manufacturers and gives advice when appropriate testing levels are decided and the protection mitigations necessary to comply with the specifications are sought.

Nemko provides laboratory measurements of electromagnetic fields (EMF) from household appliances, lighting and welding equipment in order to show compliance with the human exposure requirements of the low voltage directive.

Nemko gives you the opportunity to have your product EMC tested at your own location. Maybe you have a very large appliance, or equipment with special demands for external provisions, which are impossible to provide in a laboratory? Have Nemko do testing where you want!

Nemko offers accredited EMC testing according to automotive standards in our laboratories in Italy. This opens the way for EMC Type Approvals of vehicles and related equipment based on our reports.

Nemko offers EMC testing according to military standard MIL-STD 461 D, E and F in our laboratories in Italy and in San Diego.

Customers which need an EMC certificate can select from different schemes provided by Nemko. International certifications like CB or CCA, or our proprietary certifications like Nemko EMC Mark or Nemko EMC Robust Mark.