Automotive EMC Testing

Nemko offers accredited EMC testing according to automotive standards in our laboratories in Italy. This opens the way for EMC Type Approvals of vehicles and related equipment based on our reports.

The manufacturers need to make sure that the vehicles and their electrical/electronic subassemblies fulfil the EMC requirements. Nemko can be your reliable partner in ensuring that your product meets the requirements before being placed on the market.

We provide testing, certification, inspection and professional expertise for your automotive products.


Nemko testing services include the Automotive EMC Directive 2004/104/EC and also the UNECE R.10 for e and E mark

  • Narrow and broadband emissions, 30-1000MHz (CISPR 12 and 25)
  • Conducted emissions (ISO 7637-2)
  • Transient immunity, pulses 1, 2a, 2b,3a, 3b, 4 and 5 (ISO 7637-2)
  • Radiated immunity, 20-2000MHz, 30V/m (ISO 11451 and ISO 11452 series)
  • ESD immunity (ISO 10605)

Testing can also be performed according to customer specifications and product development needs.


Nemko can inspect the technical documentation related to the automotive EMC requirements of your product. Based on this information, the product assessment and the test reports, we can put together and submit your application to the type approval authority.


Nemko is authorized to perform factory audits to ensure the conformity of production.

Professional expertise

Nemko maintains up to date knowledge by participating in the development of new standards for electrical and hybrid vehicles as well as automotive EMC.