EMC Emissions

Nemko offers EMC emission measurements in flexible and efficient testing facilities.

We provide RF emission measurements from 10Hz to 40GHz. Commercial and professional appliances. Maritime and land-based telecom, radio and wireless equipment. Subsea process and production equipment related to oil and gas. Maritime navigation equipment. Fire detection and alarm systems equipment. Automotive equipment. Military equipment.

Test scope

  • Conducted emissions (AMN method)
  • Conducted emissions (Voltage probe method)
  • Conducted emissions (Current probe method)
  • Conducted emissions (Telecom port)
  • Conducted emissions (Discontinuous)
  • Insertion loss
  • Radiated electromagnetic field (Van Veen Loop)
  • Disturbance power
  • Conducted common-mode terminal voltage
  • Radiated emissions
  • Harmonic current emissions
  • Flicker and voltage fluctuations


  • Pretesting and consultancy
  • Qualification tests
  • On-site tests