Nemko EMC certification

Customers which need an EMC certificate can select from different schemes provided by Nemko. International certifications like CB or CCA, or our proprietary certifications like Nemko EMC Mark or Nemko EMC Robust Mark.

Nemko EMC Mark

Provided to manufacturers who wish to show the market that they have had their product tested or verified in accordance with the EMC Directive by one of the Nemko EMC Laboratories.

  • Testing by Nemko or by one of our TBM/ELA laboratories
  • Conforms to the requirements of the EMC Directive
  • Particularly suited for battery driven products, but relevant to any product
  • No factory inspection
  • No licensing fee

Nemko EMC Robust Mark

Provided to manufacturers who wish to show extended EMC susceptibility capability for their product. This mark requires extraordinary resistibility against electromagnetic phenomena.

  • Testing by Nemko
  • Compliant to susceptibility tests exceeding the minimum requirements of the EMC Directive and the product standards
  • Test requirements defined together with the manufacturer
  • Generally one severity level above minimum requirements
  • Suitable for product categories, which have to prove excellent susceptibility capability (electrical safes, alarm systems, safety products, etc.)
  • No factory inspection
  • Includes licensing fee