On-site EMC Testing

Nemko gives you the opportunity to have your product EMC tested at your own location. Maybe you have a very large appliance, or equipment with special demands for external provisions, which are impossible to provide in a laboratory? Have Nemko do testing where you want!

Traditional testing

Traditionally almost all EMC testing is conducted in an EMC laboratory, under controlled conditions with standardized environmental conditions (ambient noise, temperature and humidity). Tests are usually performed in isolated chambers and the test object can be configured and manipulated without the influence of ambients.

On-site testing

On-site testing is normally performed on equipment and systems that are too big to fit into a laboratory, or if they have exceptional needs of power supply or other connections. Sometimes this makes it impossible to test them any other place than at the manufacturer’s production facilities or at a final installation.

We bring our test equipment out to your site, whether it is located in an assembly hall, in a special test jig or in a final installation site.

We perform full EMC testing of the equipment on-site, with certain adaptions to fit the situation and optional coupling methods.

Contact Nemko for a review of your product situation, and let us assist you in finding the best testing scheme suitable at your site. Have Nemko prepare the test plan and test reports required to prove compliance with the requested regulations.