Maritime testing

Nemko can offer accredited testing for a wide range of maritime equipment according to the following areas.

  • Marine Equipment Directive – Certification and testing, Module B and D
  • Testing according to Class Societies requirements – EN/IEC 60945, IACS E10
  • FCC and USCG parts
  • EX-equipment
  • CE-mark
  • Fire detection and fire alarm systems (EN 54-x)

Reliability test

With a modern reliability laboratory we can provide accredited tests as shock, vibration salt fog, inclination, temperature and humidity according to the latest test standards.

EMC test

Accredited EMC as well as acoustic tests can be provided in a modern and well equipped test lab for a variety of maritime products. A modern 10m EMC chamber in addition to a 3m fully anechoic chamber (2009) ensures good capacity for EMC testing. Nemko can also provide accredited radio testing for maritime radio systems in the VHF and UHF band.

Nemko is also appointed as a Notified Body under the terms of RED, R&TTE, EMC and LVD Directives. These may be mandatory for marine electronics not listed in the Marine Equipment Directive.