Reliability testing

Ensure your product stays long in the market by revealing potential weakness early.

Can your product withstand exposure from its intended environment? Test your product at the Nemko laboratory for mechanical stress and climatic conditions.

Nemko has one of Scandinavia’s largest reliability test labs. We are accredited for reliability testing for numerous mechanical and climatic tests. Our test facilities include:

  • Vibration testing
  • Mechanical shock testing
  • Temperature testing
  • Humidity testing
  • Low pressure combined with temperature
  • Full IP-testing up to IP68
  • Salt mist and corrosion
  • Drop & free fall
  • Acoustic noise and alarm level testing
  • Compass safe testing
  • Excessive conditions
  • High voltage testing
  • Insulation resistance testing

The Nemko reliability laboratory works closely with our EMC and safety laboratories, providing you with one-stop-shopping for full range testing of your product.

Our engineers have several years of experience in reliability testing for most product segments;

  • Maritime testing – including tests for classification societies
  • Offshore
  • Subsea
  • Fire & Security
  • Medical
  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • IT products
  • Aviation and aerospace

Nemko has a large laboratory for testing various types of water ingress. This includes spraying, splashing and flushing to submerging in water tanks. We also provide full range of dust ingress in dust circulation chambers and ingress tests with different foreign objects and different standardized access probes.

Ensure your new design will survive its intended environment. Vibration testing at Nemko pays off by reducing field return costs through improved product reliability.

Your product needs climatic testing in order to ensure it will withstand extreme climatic conditions. Involve Nemko early in the process to avoid delay to market and excessive cost.

Mechanical Stress is a major reason for your product to fail. Nemko can perform a wide range of mechanical stress testing.

Nemko provides testing for mechanical shock on products according to IEC 60068-2-27.

At Nemko, we have the facilities, resources and experience you need for stress testing. We help validate designs and prove test components with our experienced and skilled testing personnel and modern, high-tech testing facilities.