Shock testing

Can your product withstand high G impact forces and short duration impulse loads? What is its fragility level? How well can it cope with handling and transportation? These questions are critical, for products used in all industries.

At Nemko, the following shock testing capabilities are available:

  • Accelerations of 1,200 G and higher with a shock amplifier
  • Testing of specimens up to 600 kg
  • Up to 9,000 lbf shock loads using ED Shaker
  • Shock pulse duration range of 1 to 65 milliseconds
  • Shock waveforms including half-sine, squarewave and trapezoidal
  • Ability to apply many repetitive shock impulses
  • Numerous high-speed data acquisition channels
  • Shock Response Spectrum (SRS) Analysis

Mechanical shock testing helps determine whether a device can remain functional when subjected to sudden, abrupt motion changes associated with service environments like product handling, shipping/transportation, aerospace, weapon firing, etc.

We have extensive experience with shock testing using drop tower and electro-magnetic shock machines.
Our team has the technical capability to reproduce complicated shock profiles.