Hazard-based standard IEC/EN 62368-1 & CSA/UL 62368-1

Let Nemko guide you through the new hazard based standard for IT / Audio-Video & Communication Technology Equipment.

The standard, IEC/EN 62368-1 represents a new approach to Hazard Based Safety Engineering. It will be replacing the existing standards, IEC/EN 60065 and IEC/EN 60950-1. In a transition period as this transition progresses, manufacturers need to follow the development on the current standards (60065 & 60950-1) and the new IEC/EN 62368-1. 

First movers benefit from using the new standard!

For manufacturers it is an advantage to be an early adopter of the new standard as it gives the possibility to reduce cost through R&D. As an early adopter we can also help you with discovering potential non conformities in your products, components / sub-assemblies with regards to the new standard.
This may cause sub-assemblies manufacturers to be chosen by purchasers as preferred vendors, if their products comply with 62368-1 in addition to 60065 & 60950-1.

The formal transition period in Europe ends 2020-12-20. At this date the legacy standards EN 60065 / EN 60950-1 will then be withdrawn.
North America (Canada & U.S.) will assume this same schedule to start evaluation and certification based on IEC 62368-1 2nd edition.
Experience shows that some countries might implement standards earlier than others. It might become required earlier than expected.

Even if the current product will be out of production by the time the new standard is mandatory, it would still be wise to consider 62368-1 when developing new products. Future upgrades and development of the product are often based on previous versions, those you are developing today.

Why use Nemko?

As one of the largest actors in the IECEE International CB Scheme for IT and AV equipment for a number of years, Nemko has actively been involved in the Technical Committee IEC TC108 from the beginning of the development of IEC 62368-1. Therefore, Nemko has the competence to be guiding the manufacturers both in the initial phase, through seminars and training, as well as the capability to do testing and certification.

Nemko’s CB Test Laboratories (CBTLs) are recognized by IECEE to IEC 62368-1 in the CB Scheme.

For Canada & U.S. our Nemko NRTL/C Scope also include UL 62368-1 and CSA C22.2 No. 62368-1
On September 29, 2016, OSHA published their final Federal Register Notice announcing the scope expansion to recognize Nemko as an NRTL including this standard: https://www.federalregister.gov/d/2016-23548
You can also see our current OSHA/NRTL scope at: https://www.osha.gov/dts/otpca/nrtl/ccl.html and our current Standards Council of Canada scope at http://www.scc.ca/en/accreditation/product-process-and-service-certifica...

Further information for our US/Canada safety certification services can be obtained from NRTL@Nemko.com

What services?

Nemko can offer a number of services for 62368-1, both general services and customized services.

  • Seminars
  • Workshops and joint testing
  • Gap analyses
  • Full test service
  • Certifications, both European, International and USA/Canada