Usability and ergonomics

Nemko is an accredited laboratory for Ergonomics & Usability testing according to ISO relevant criterion. Nemko is also approved for doing the verification of the usability and ergonomics requested for the labelling approval.

Ergonomics and usability is one of key element in the quality consideration of product by user, and also one of the key factor for working environment condition, In the EU Directive 90/270 EEC require that all visual display (VDUs) for used in workplaces must comply with ergonomics and safety operations requirements. German GS certification also requires the product combined with VDUs must meet the safe and ergonomics design of equipment in EK1-ITB 2000.

Nemko provide relevant test capability for manufacture help products compliance with marketing demand and regulation requirement.

ISO Ergonomics standards:

  • ISO 9241-3, ISO 9241-7, ISO 9241-8
  • ISO 9241-4, ISO 9241-410
  • ISO 13406-2
  • ISO 9241-300 Series
  • ISO 7779/ISO9296
  • EN 50332

Russia Hygienic Testing:

  • Norms: SanPiN, GOST R 50948-96*
  • GOST R 50949-96*,, 12.1.024-81*

VESA standard:

  • (Flat Panel Display Measurement Standard) FPDM Version 2.0

Low Emission:

  • MPR 1990:8, MPR 1990:10
  • SS 436 1490 (prEN50279), (MPRIII)
  • TCO Emission testing