Wireless & telecom

Nemko offers comprehensive services suited to cover your specific needs in the wireless & telecom business.

Wireless and Telecom business is one of the fastest growing industries of our times. The development of innovative wireless technologies has brought the internet to products that never before had wireless connectivity. This means that manufacturers must bring wireless products to the market fast to keep pace with changing technology.

Our services includes:

  • Pre-compliance testing
    By involving Nemko early in the development process, you can save your company valuable time and money by pre-compliance services that include:
    • Facts about national and international requirements
    • Interpretation of standards
    • Review of documentation and product design
    • Pre-testing support to secure smooth type testing, verification and certification
    • From product design and all processes leading up to regulatory requirements
  • Product testing
    • Nemko’s own laboratories and global partner network support all testing requirements for electro-technical products. Our people, laboratory facilities and accreditations provide a complete range of world class testing services.
    • Third-party testing implies conformity assessment carried out by a body that is independent of both supplier and customer organisations
  • Product and System certifications
    • Nemko offers a variety of certifications to demonstrate that an internationally recognised third-party has verified that your product is in conformity with relevant standards.
    • Nemko is member of numerous multi-national and national certification schemes.
    • In addition to product certification, Nemko has more than 20 years’ experience in the area of management system certification.
    • Different markets and industries often have different specific requirements and preferences. Nemko’s certification services may encompass such different requirements according to client needs.
  • International approvals
    • Nemko has a unique combination of local presence, international networks and bi-lateral agreements. We make sure that your product obtains regulatory access to required markets fast and efficiently.
    • With expert knowledge about rules and regulations in over 150 countries, we make sure that you have all the necessary documentation in each and every market.